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Medi Foundation

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Education, Prevention, Support & Recovery from Addiction

The Medi Foundation’s mission is to make Northern Cyprus the Hub for Addiction prevention, treatment, mental health and wellbeing for Europe and beyond.

Cyprus is geographically placed as the gateway between the East and West of the worlds civilization. Medi Foundation will bring Eastern and Western based therapies are as diverse and deeply rooted in both cultures as are our clients.

It is our vision to open a purpose built treatment center in Northern Cyprus that will benefit our local and overseas clients. Our treatment center will be available to all, both wealthy and those not so wealthy. This will be achieved by operating our scholarship programmes for clients who may normally be unable to afford the fees.

We will open education and training programmes to a wide variety of government and private sector personnel who will benefit greatly from learning more about recovery and wellbeing and go on to assist those people in need of help.

It is also our intention to host an annual three day recovery and wellbeing conference in Turkish Northern Cyprus, starting in 2021.

We will be partnered in this endeavor by a leading conference organizer in this sector. We are confident this will attract speakers and delegates from all over the world and help to establish Northern Cyprus as the hub of the recovery industry in Europe and across the world.




The treatment center

The Medi Foundation Treatment Centre will be established to treat chemical and behavioral addictions. We also treat clients who are suffering from eating disorders, depression, trauma, PTSD and burnout.

Our unique combination of Eastern and Western treatment philosophies, coupled to our geographical position in Northern Cyprus, allows us to truly bring the East meets West experience to our clients recovery program.

This places Cyprus at the hub of recovery excellence in Europe and at the gates of the East.

Each clients treatment program is specifically designed to their individual needs.

We ensure we work with each client as individuals and our combination of treatments is implemented so our clients experience a life changing spiritual awakening that contributes to their long term recovery.

Therapeutic Models

Our Western model is strongly alined to the 12-steps of Alcoholic Anonymous, which has proved highly successful in treating alcoholics for many years and has been adopted by numerous other addiction fellowships.

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CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)
EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing)
Music Therapy
Equine Therapy
Wilderness Programme

Color Therapy
Aroma Therapy

Our Eastern model compliments our Western approach and both models work hand in hand.

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Buddhist Chanting
Tai Chi
Kayana Breathwork
Family Days