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We understand that there is a great deal of fear, shame and misunderstanding around the subject of addictions and the associated disorders and behaviours that surround this illness.

A very large part Medi Foundations core values and purpose is to bring education, understanding and compassion to those that are affected directly or indirectly by addiction.

We aim to do this by introducing a number of in-house training courses in order to enlighten those who may not understand or have experienced addiction first hand.

Our training courses are intended for Health Care Professionals, Human Resource Managers/Directors, Teachers, Social Workers, Police Officers and any others whose personal or work environment may bring them into contact with addicts or their loved ones.

Education courses for School and University students:

Drugs and alcohol education aims to arm young people with the appropriate information in order that they are able to make educated choices. We believe it is every young persons right to be provided with suitable and honest education.

We also explore the effects, consequences and withdrawals from alcohol and drugs and the affects of peer pressure on the young.

Our training programs are held over two or three days dependant of the recipients time restraints and levels of awareness. Our training program is not intended or presented as a clinical course but of accumulated experience and practical knowledge of the addiction and recovery environment today.

Our training team have many years experience working with addicts and their families. They have been involved in establishing and running treatment centres around the world. They are all addicts and or alcoholics themselves who are in long term recovery. They have all experienced addictions first hand and are therefore are in a position to pass on both their practical experience and the scientific and therapeutic knowledge they have acquired over many years.